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Nature Fee brochure The sea around Bonaire and Klein Bonaire is protected and managed by STINAPA through the Bonaire National Marine Park. The Marine Park surrounds the entire island from the high water mark to the depth of 60 meters (200ft). Activities in the Marine Park are subject to payment.

All users of the Bonaire National Marine Park (BNMP) pay admission (Nature Fee) to enter the parks. For SCUBA divers, the Nature Fee is $25 for a calendar year, or $10 for a day pass.  Your payment of $25 as a SCUBA diver covers admission for one calendar year to the Bonaire National Marine Park as well as to the Washington Slagbaai National Park (WSNP). SCUBA divers are obliged to display the dive tag on their BCD.

For non-SCUBA divers the Nature Fee is $10 per calendar year for use of the BNMP for any activity other than SCUBA diving. This can vary from swimming to snorkeling, windsurfing, boating, kayaking etc. Children under 12 and residents of Bonaire are exempt from paying the non-divers $10 Nature Fee. If they do go SCUBA diving, they will have to pay the $25 fee. Also exempt are the crews of commercial vessels and passengers of cruise ships.

The Nature Fee may be purchased at any dive shop or activity desk of the hotels. Included in the $25 Nature Fee is entry to both the BNMP and Washington Slagbaai National Park.  For those who have not already paid the $25 Nature Fee for SCUBA diving, the admission to WSNP is $25 for one calendar year. Residents of Bonaire have 2 options, they either pay a $3 fee for a day pass, or the $15 fee for one calendar year. To be eligible for this local price a valid residency ID (Sedula) must be shown.

SCUBA divers               $25 per calendar year  (includes entry to WSNP)
SCUBA divers               $10 day pass               (excludes entry to WSNP)
Non-scuba divers         $10 per calendar year (excludes entry to WSNP)
WSNP                           $25 per calendar year  (or $15 with proof of payment of $10 Nature Fee)     

By paying the Nature Fee you provide the funds to manage the parks and guarantee our lasting success in nature protection and conservation.

You may enter the Washington Slagbaai National Park free of charge by showing the written receipt of purchase of your SCUBA dive tag and a picture ID. This can be your C-card, driver's license, etc. Photo copies are accepted.

Please note that the payment of the Nature Fee grants permission to use the BNMP for the specific individual for whom the fee is paid and may not be used by any other individuals.

*Payment of the entrance fee to the Bonaire National Marine Park is required by law: Island resolution Marine Park 2010 no. 14 Section II article 2. ( English / Dutch )

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